Thursday, May 6, 2010


Only with the agreement of all residents will certain Tantric sex practices be allowed between residents who are part of that program.

One must maintain an attitude of non possessiveness towards others and that all are one within the ashram as such no ownership of partners will be permitted with the exception of those that are legally married.

A program must be developed first detailing the exact practices using authentic texts.

This will be subject to an application form detailing the applicants sexual history and STDs if any, an interview and STD tests.

1. This will depend on their maturity and knowledge of tantra and will be restricted to residents only who have agreed in writing to be part of this exception, are 18 years of age or over and in general not over 46 years of age.
2. Residents must present authentic Tantric texts with a proposed properly structured program to the Ashram Supervisor and Board. If this is accepted the proposers must then develop a proper and effective program and present this to the Board. Once fully accepted by the Board and all ashram long term residents then the Tantra program can begin.
3. Residents who agree to this will remain completely celibate except during Tantric practices that are only permitted with other residents who have also agreed to be part of this exception.
4. No such practices will be permitted with non-residents or between genetically related persons.
5. If the Ashram Supervisor determines that these practices are being improperly used then this exception will be withdrawn and may also be revoked at any time by the agreement of the residents.
6. If this option is decided upon then Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD) and AIDS tests will be required by residents opting for this exception with at least a three month waiting period once resident due to the time taken for viruses to be detected by tests unless adequate proof can be given that the resident has not had sexual relations for at least 6 months prior to joining the ashram.
7. Please be aware STD tests do not mean that an individual does not have an STD - many STDs are not able to be tested for – HPV (warts) and herpes are very difficult to detect even with testing if symptoms are not showing. Also many people carry STDs without ever showing symptoms and can transmit them. Just because you do not have symptoms does not mean you do not have an STD. Most STDs can be cured including herpes and HPV despite what some medical authorities say, often clearing the system after 5 years of no symptoms. This does not always occur so precautions are necessary if you have had such STDs.
8. Therefore a detailed sexual history is required from every person wishing to participate in this exception. This must outline A) all stds including candida, thrush, bolenitus, fungal, urine infections or allergic reactions that the applicant suspects or is aware of contracting in their entire life, B) all their past sexual partners (names not required) giving details of how long ago and length of relationship and what risk category they were – gay, promiscuous, drug uses, prostitutes, etc and how many sexual partners they have had or suspect they may have had, C) all stds the applicant suspects or is aware of that their sexual partners may have had.
9. It is in your interests to be very accurate and truthful with this information. If everyone acts in such a manner then all are protected. Having a prior STD or a prior partner with one will not exclude you from this program, nor being with high risk partners, the whole circumstances of your application will be considered.
10. Any resident at any time becoming aware of even a minor possibility of having an STD or any communicable disease (not an STD) must immediately inform the Ashram Supervisor.
11. An interview with the ashram supervisor will be required before this permission is granted to any resident.
12. It is in your interests to be totally honest in your application. You must sign an affidavit swearing that you have told the truth. If it is discovered that you have lied or distorted the truth you will be asked to leave the ashram immediately with loss of deposit. This is for your protection as well as the other people on this program.
13. If at any stage you remember information that you legitimately and honestly have forgotten to put on your application you must immediately inform the ashram supervisor. He will determine if you are to be removed from the program or the ashram.
14. If any resident part of this program has concealed information in their application, abuses the Tantric practices or is being adversely affected by the program in any way the ashram supervisor may remove them from the program, and if necessary from the Ashram with loss of bond.
15. Applicants may be asked for an additional bond depending on their circumstances to enter the program. This will be lost if they are discovered to have misinformed about their circumstances.

This exception will be withdrawn from the Ashram by the Ashram Supervisor or a majority of long term residents if it is considered to be being abused.

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